Surviving Covid-19 Together

COVID-19, unexpected, devastating and terrifying. The invisible enemy attacking a visible body. In some way, we are all touched by it but we have a positive expected end.

Doing a checklist for face masks, gloves and sanitizer resembles the routine of a surgeon preparing for an operation, not like someone going to the grocery store just hoping it will have essential needs. It is our present reality but not our permanent state.

In this together

Isolation doesn't mean isolated. Though quarantine has become necessary for some, access to good content, informative news, and educational material are vital and obtainable thanks to the internet. Use it to stay informed. Use it to reach out to loved ones, get support and encouragement during this difficult time. You are not alone!

The pandemic has prompted the creation of "K-Today". A super-charged blog with inspirational content and practical links to help you reach your full potential. Sign up is not offered to the general public as yet. As a member, you are getting this access first.

Click here to join"K-Today's" mailing list due to launch next month. It is the non-fiction entity of my writing. My hope is that "K-Today" will offer positive light through this dark time. Keep reading. I have a special offer below and you are hearing about it first!

Be Productive

If you are able, use this time to learn your craft. Keep your mind occupied and make progress. Great things can come from great trials. For many, this is a difficult time physically and financially. Stress sneaks into an idle mind like a breeze through a crack in a door. If you can't change what you are concerned about, why not concern yourself with what you can change?

Reading is an escape. In trying to be as productive as possible during this time, "CAPTURED," book 2 of the Caleb Promise series, has been completed early and released 3 months ahead of schedule! It is available for pre-order on your favorite reading platforms.

If you are able to,