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Mark of the two-edged Sword cover

Mark of the Two-Edged Sword

A car accident killed Caleb Promise’s parents.  Mysterious?  Normally not, but when your father was the master strategist for an under-cover military strike team and sole survivor of a mission-gone-bad, his death is very mysterious. The old stone monastery orphanage behind him, Caleb is submerged in a covert as the world to find out the truth.

Was the car crash that killed his parents truly just an accident or a cover for a dark truth? 

CIA Seal

"The US government wanted me to be on the books. That didn't work out. Being a free agent was more my speed.


I hold my loyalties... first to humanity, second to my country and above all, doing what's right because it's the right thing to do. 

My only dilemma, having to choose one over another."

  -Caleb Promise     

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