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Caleb Promise Series 

Mission 1
First book in the Caleb Promise Series, Mission One.  A deep 627 page meaty thriller, espionage and political mystery novel. There is a dystopian thread through the book with a literary hand.  If you like the Jack Reacher novels the Caleb Promise Series Novels are for you.  M.O.T.E.S. (Mark of the Two-Edged Sword) bursts with suspense, emotional rides and espionage at the highest levels of government.  


At fifteen, a car accident killed Caleb Promise’s parents.  Mysterious?  Normally not, but when your father was the master strategist for an under-cover military strike team and sole survivor of a mission-gone-bad, his death is very mysterious. 

The old stone monastery orphanage behind him, Caleb is lost in bitterness and drink, or is he?  

Assassins on his heels, time is running out.  Can he overcome his personal issues to figure out the clues his father left him.  Clues encrypted in their relationship.  If he can, he will cut through layers of deception to the core… like a two-edged sword.  If he succeeds, they will leave their mark, the Mark of the Two-Edged Sword.  

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