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An attack on United States soil can't go unanswered. One captured man's rescue could prevent war but only if Caleb Promise denies his instincts and finds him in time.

Caleb Promise Series Mission 2. When one CAPTURED man is worth going to war for, there is one solution... one option, Caleb Promise. If you are a series binge reader seeking a page-turner, Captured is for you. Like the Jack Reacher series, the Caleb Promise Series has espionage, thrills and an element of mystery.

Caleb has evolved. In Mission 1, Mark of the Two-Edged Sword, he peeks his head into the shadow-life as an undercover agent. However, now in Captured, he is sanguine. This is the life for him. He moves into his calling sure-footed thus far more adept.

Mission 2

Caleb Promise Series 

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