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Surviving A Diagnosis

A novel

by K. A. Bryant

Release date June 2020.

The first non-fiction novella, “Surviving A Diagnosis” gives those who find themselves facing a difficult medical diagnosis everything they need to get through recovery. Two books in one, it was designed to be cost-effective and practical.

The vision to create non-fiction content has been in the back of my mind for years and the impact of COVID-19 has fast-tracked its creation and made its production priority. Right now, many people who once enjoyed perfect health now find themselves having to survive a diagnosis that has long term effects. The endurance required to stay encouraged through healing from a common cold is not the same as that of dealing with kidney failure or cancer. The book addresses the issues a long-term illness brings with it.

Why is an Espionage, Thriller-Mystery novel author writing non-fiction?

The answer is simple. Right now, the world needs truth. We need the truth about how to handle the effect of a diagnosis which affects our body, mind, and spirit. A diagnosis impacts multiple aspects of life. These impacts go beyond the hospital doors. They follow us into our homes and lay down with us in our beds. If we don’t deal with them, they deal with us. “Surviving A Diagnosis” empowers by informing. The mind is a super-computer and once fed the right information, it can process things effectively.

What medical diagnosis does this book deal with?

This book’s content is applicable to any diagnosis, including cancer. There is a common thread among illnesses that this book pulls on. It draws those common factors into the light so you can see how to effectively deal with them.

“How is it two-books in one?”

The front of the book is a novella and the rear of the book is a workbook. Questions continue to whirl in the news about how this pandemic will end, how long it will last, how we will recover financially from it, and the list of questions goes on and on. If nothing else, humans learned that there is little that we are actually in control of. However, one thing we can control is our information intake.

The better informed we are, the better decisions we can make. This book gives structure and walks you through how to survive a diagnosis. Just as a note, the “Surviving A Diagnosis Workbook” is intended to be written in, so purchasing the paperback is recommended.

It is ideal for caregivers as well. If you are caring for a parent or child, this book is your go-to for information and helps you create a health log. Now, with physicians out of physical reach, it is a vital tool that you can use to keep track of your medical condition or of those you love.

My advice, if you are not impacted by a diagnosis, give “Surviving A Diagnosis” to someone who is. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, clear understanding of their circumstances.

“How can I get the podcast and online courses?”

Join the K. A. Bryant non-fiction mailing list and you will get notified as soon as the podcast and online courses open. I want to make sure you are getting content you are specifically interested in. K. A. Bryant non-fiction has a separate mailing list from K. A. BRYANT fiction.

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Stay safe, stay vigilant, and stay informed.

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