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Tempest Bleu Series

Women's Fiction, Suspense 


Tempest Bleu Series

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Hundreds of copies sold world wide. Tempest made her debut in CAPTURED and was that character that I just wanted to see more of. I felt she had just gotten started eventhough it looked like her life was over.

Revenge must be brilliant.
Will it heal the wounds or open a door to more secrets?

In CAPTURED, they broke her heart. Now it's her turn. A storm barrels through town while the true Tempest brews. It wasn't what they did to her that stirred the waters. It was what they did not do. They didn't help the love of her life.


"She is every woman but not just 'any' woman. I will follow her on every adventure!" - Ann, (Advanced Reader).

Meet her friends

"I pray Tempest is alright, such a trauma ... and Jewels, she's got prison pallor again. Sun, that's what she needs. I'll call Ms. Hingecliff. She can get her out of the house.She's got to be firm with Jewels, that's all. It's three-o'clock and Nancy still hasn't called. I'll call the taxi company just in case she forgot to book our ride to the airport. 

Love covers a multitude of sins and prayer changes all things. Above all, love and cover. -Ava

Tempest Bleu's Friends
Ava Priestly

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