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How to Get a Successful Mindset

To have something different, we must do something different. This simple statement is challenged by an inclination to continue repetitive behavior. Yet, something inside screams and yearns for better or just something different in life.

It is inevitable that the person who climbs onto a merry-go-round will find themselves in-motion. They will be moving, however, they will be moving in a circle and will see the same scenery though the wind blows through their hair constantly giving them the feeling of motion. But, when the ride stops, they will get off exactly where they got on. Something in mankind strives. Regardless of their color, culture, race, or religion, humans were made to move. We were made to be mobile. Our bodies function best when it is not sedentary. Our minds are no different.

1st- Make up your mind.

There is a mindset that is necessary for success and it is spurred by a desire. A desire for betterment or change. Sometimes, the feeling of frustration or 'I'm tired of this', is the launching pad for a change. This is just the first step but unfortunately, this is where most people get stuck. There is a momentum that begins when a person makes up there mind that they want something different whether it be a new business or a goal to lose weight. The momentum begins but it takes more than that to keep it going.

2nd- Have a vision.

You have to see it in your mind first. Decide what your new goal is going to be. Speak it. Write it down. Post it on your computer.

"Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it". (Habakkuk 2:2). This is a Biblical principle.

This vision can be for a business, personal issues like wanting to be more consistent with eating healthily, being a better wife or husband. Whatever your vision is, the next step will help you reach it.

3rd- Plan of Action

Get a paper and pen or use your computer to create a checklist for yourself. I have found using the Microsoft To-Do convenient. (It synchronizes the app on your phone to the app on your laptop). A step by step plan to achieve your goal. If your plan is a business plan, it requires detailed steps, then your first step should be "Research how to..." and allow yourself sufficient time to do it.

4th- Time for Action

A plan of action without 'Time for Action' is dangerous because there are no set deadlines which means that weeks and months can easily pass without any progress being made toward your goal. On your list, beside each step, set a deadline date. This next point is important to avoid frustration and inevitable failure.

5th- Be realistic

Be realistic about the time it will take for you to complete each task. Remember, you are stepping into the unknown unless this is something you have endeavored to do in the past and unexpected time-consuming tasks can be inevitable. The problem, if you don't allow yourself enough time per task, your entire deadline schedule can be thrown off and if you are like me, checking that box 'done' is very important mentally to achieve the feeling of completion.

With your ultimate deadline time for total completion of your project set-up, remember to consider family matters and a few days for those unexpected interruptions that prevent you from getting to the desk.

6th- Quitting is NOT an Option

You have just completed steps 1-4 and are invested in this plan. Achieving a successful mindset means that you embed 'quitting is not an option' in your thinking. If you fall off or don't reach a milestone, 'quitting is not an option'. You get back up, find the point that you stopped and start again. This is the mindset for success. If the plan you made does not succeed, take time, pray about it, research your options, rewrite your plan, and start again.

A very wise man once said: "The graveyard is the richest place on earth. Billions of great ideas have gone there. "

7th- This can be your best year or just another year. The choice is yours. So, go for it!

A successful mind says there is no such thing as quitting. For you to continue on this successful mindset journey, one last question must be answered.

"What if I fail?"

If you do not succeed at your goal, you will have gained a powerful tool. You will have gained wisdom as to what 'not' to do again. It will only give you knowledge on how to proceed or whether or not that is the right direction for you. Life does not come with a written map for success. One thing is certain, if you don't try, you can't succeed. Be more afraid of never trying than of not succeeding. If not now, then when?


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