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Don't forget to Run

Updated: May 20, 2020

Little side note of inspiration for writers, inspiring writers, artists or basically anyone with a pulse. I found that there is something painful about using muscles that aren't normally used. The overall motivation is to do something that will have a benefit in the future, seemingly far future after multiple work-outs. It's that first work-out, that first run that makes you feel exhilarated while you're doing it and achy afterwards.

The wonderful truth, if you resist the urge to quit or make fifty excuses as to why you can't, those muscle groups get stronger and running becomes easier, gratifying and something you will actually look forward to doing.

"Why are you talking about running?" you may ask. Well, running, writing and life have a lot in common. Challenges will come. It's a part of life but I want to encourage you to keep running. Don't stop doing what you're doing.

In the course of dealing with all that life has to hand out, don't forget to run.

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