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Make the Vision a Reality

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a team to 

promote a book.  Is your book lost among thousands?

New books, self published or traditional, come across

my path and often I feel, a visible platform is what this book needs.  Top Shelf in the K. A. Bryant Book Store offers  clear visibility for authors works who sell via Amazon.  

How can I get my book in the store?

1.  Join the Mailer and put 'Top Shelf' in the subject lines and your details and book details in the comment box.  Additions depend upon space.  Books are listed randomly. 

3.  When the book store is updated, Authors are sent a 

link.  Use the link to advertise your book on social media.  Purchases are via Amazon.

To Accept an offer or Submit your book complete this form.

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