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Kindle Price:    $  4.99
Paperback:      $13.99

*This book is identical to "Calm Waters" with minor alterations to the after-book content. The cover is the only notable difference.

In CAPTURED, they broke her heart. Now it's her turn. A storm barrels through town while the true Tempest brews. It wasn't what they did to her that stirred the waters. It was what they did not do. They didn't help the love of her life. "She is every woman but not just 'any' woman. I will follow her on every adventure!" - Ann, (Advanced Reader).


She was robbed of the one thing she loved the most in life. Surprisingly, her downward spiral uncovered a strength that she didn't know existed. Tempest learned to lean on her friends in a new way. Together, they try save the legacy her and her beloved Christian built together. If she succeeds, healing can begin, but if not... vengeance may set in.

A suspenseful novel with heart-felt notes that can strike a chord in any feeling heart. A feel-good ending that shows what true love is all about.