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In CAPTURED, they broke her heart. Now it's her turn. A storm barrels through town while the true Tempest brews. It wasn't what they did to her that stirred the waters. It was what they did not do. They didn't help the love of her life.


"She is every woman but not just 'any' woman. I will follow her on every adventure!" - Ann,  (Advanced Reader).

About the Series:

Now alone, she discovered that she was enough. However, with her four best friends; Ava, a pastors wife, Nancy, a physician, Jewels, world renound author and Caroline, an ambitious attorney, she accomplishes more than she ever imagined.

The twists and turns of their unique lives keeps pushes them to their limits, tests their resilience and even challenges their friendship. From the small town of Cotswold, England to the sunny shores of California their suspense-filled adventures and flavorful personalities are a full course meal. Tuck-in.