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Surviving A Diagnosis Hope Front Cover p

"Sent chills down my spine and lifted me all at the same time."


When faith and medicine marry, a powerful tool is formed. This true account story of a woman who survived grave diagnosis grates through to the raw heart then builds on its open foundation.


2 books in 1. This paperback contains


Surviving A Diagnosis, Hope on the Other Side & The Workbook". 


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Designed for any diagnosis that requires longterm care, this book addresses the negative effect of it on the body, mind, and spirit. "Surviving A Diagnosis, Hope On the Other Side", is a true-life account of a survivor with a grave diagnosis who uses the techniques in this book.
It is ideal for a  patient or caretaker. Faith and medical science marry and birth a  viable healing process. To get the complete benefit of Surviving A Diagnosis, purchase the paperback. Then, grab a pencil because it's time to get to work. 

Surviving A Diagnosis, Hope on the Other Side is written from a patient's perspective so real-to-life needs are addressed. For some, healing is instant, for others, it is a process requiring encouragement along the way. Sitting in a doctor's office hearing that diagnosis for the first time can make one feel like Janice Smith. Without moving, she felt she crossed over to another side. Going from care-free and healthy to having to accommodate a long term condition may be daunting.   The paperback book takes the guesswork out of creating a daily routine. 


The Workbook has fillable charts:

*  Your Medical Team
*  Appointment Schedule
*  Medicine Log
*  Dietary
*  Preparing Your Healing-Home Space
*  Do's & Don'ts
*  Quiz and more.

Surviving a Diagnosis has an online course and podcast that offers inspirational teaching and faith-building tools. It is ideal for caregivers as well. Understanding the scope of what your patient is going through and how to help care for them is made easy in video format.