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Tempest Bleu Series

Women's Fiction Stories

     It changed me. I was a dedicated, thriller, espionage writer. Completely engulfed in the spy game until one sleepless night, I found myself  pondering a genre cross-over. Instead of choosing one over the other, which was impossible, I decided to do both. Espionage, thriller- mysteries and Women's fiction, suspense, romance. So, what changed me?

     Two things. Firstly, writing Tempest Bleu's character in CAPTURED. Secondly, creating her world of friends. The rest just seemed to happen organically. Fresh plots of ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances blasted me back to Agatha Christie mysteries with a contemporary flare. The plots spun around their own front doors just seemed to find them in the run of their day. 


It's not all buttercups and daisies


     Suspense, and mystery is part of our my core so it seeped into the women's fiction books. I only enjoy rambling brooks because they have a notable beginning and ending point. Thus does the unique complexities of a woman's life mixed with intrinsic, dualistic relationships that naturally creates a good read with satisfying finish like that of having a great desert after a brilliantly prepared meal. My goal is to never leave a reader hungry, but to merely leave them thirsty for the next book. Take a bite.

Join the Women's Fiction book club...


It is really important to me that you enjoy the books so I personally respond to reader's emails and inquiries. Why join the bookclub? 

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Truly hope you choose to join me on  my writing journey. Although the books are sold all over the world and are available on every major book platform, I feel as if I have just begun. 

The Vision is bigger than where we are.

Books shield. Books teach. Books change minds and heal hearts. My goal is for my book sales to be able to financially sustain the writing vision. Every book sale, review and referral draws me closer to that goal. A portion of the produce of sales is donated to children's Cancer Hospitals. Your support goes beyond the pages of your book. 

I hope you join the Women's Fiction book club and tell a friend. 

                                                                                      Thank you!

                                                                                      K. A. Bryant

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