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Mission 1
First book in the Caleb Promise Series, Mission One.  A deep 627 page meaty thriller, espionage and political mystery novel. There is a dystopian thread through the book with a literary hand.  If you like the Jack Reacher novels the Caleb Promise Series Novels are for you.  M.O.T.E.S. (Mark of the Two-Edged Sword) bursts with suspense, emotional rides and espionage at the highest levels of government.  


At fifteen, a car accident killed Caleb Promise’s parents.  Mysterious?  Normally not, but when your father was the master strategist for an under-cover military strike team and sole survivor of a mission-gone-bad, his death is very mysterious. Read More...


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Mission 2  

An attack on United States soil can't go unanswered. One captured man's rescue could prevent war only if Caleb Promise denies his instincts and finds him in time.

If you are a series binge reader seeking a page-turner, Captured is for you. Like the Jack Reacher series, the Caleb Promise Series has espionage, thrills and an element of mystery with an easy-reading flow... Read More...



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MOTES Cover with Best Seller.jpg


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