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Caleb Promise, 6 ft, 2 inch proclaimed 'Independent Agent'.   Aligning with any single country equals immediate bias. Free from the old stone monastery, an embodiment of his own character at the time of his parents death, he refuses to be bound.  

His loyalty is pledged to man-kind.  Humanity.  Justice.  Doing what is right, because it is right despite the cost.  He chooses his missions.  Sometimes, he's pulled by his conscience into situations but his gut feeling and logic have the final word. 

The world is turning inward.  Every country for it'self and every man for himself, but Caleb challenges this mindset even when he's the last man standing for justice.  He's holding on... how long can he do it?  

His name means "faithful, devoted, whole-hearted, bold and brave".  He intends to live up to it for the sake of every agent, soldier, man, woman and child who holds his same passion.  This is the promise of Caleb.  
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Boxset The Caleb Promise Series

The full Caleb Promise Series Volume 1

3 Ebooks

(1) Mark of the Two-Edged Sword (book 1)

(1) Captured (book 2)

(1) Notes (book 3)

*Boxset is available upon release of NOTES in 2022. 

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"Truth cuts to the bone and marrow."



Mission 1

Before he can move forward, Caleb Promise must face the past. It's the only way to stop a top secret government project aimed at creating a new way to war and learn who murdered his family.


First book in the Caleb Promise Series, Mission One.   There is a dystopian thread through the book with a literary hand. 


If you like the Jack Reacher novels the Caleb Promise Series Novels are for you.  M.O.T.E.S. (Mark of the Two-Edged Sword) bursts with suspense, emotional rides and espionage at the highest levels of government.  

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"Why is one man worth going to war over?"

An attack on United States soil can't go unanswered. One captured man's rescue could prevent war only if Caleb Promise denies his instincts and finds him in time. His mission; extract the captured man but leave the man's wife. The problem is, he can't.



Fiction: Espionage Thriller-Mystery, Easy read, Exciting

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Fiction: Espionage Thriller-Mystery, Easy read, Exciting

Mission 3 

In a forgotten town at the base of an arid, rocky mountain tucked in the middle east, a secret United States military test mission went completely wrong. A man was brutally murdered and justice absent. Fifteen years later, the wound still hasn’t healed and a different type of justice is sought. 


A rash of terrorist attacks break out in America and pepper the United Kingdom. Dozens are killed and thousands are wounded with no end in sight. Each one is unique. There is no paradigm. Pain and anger blanket every public media platform and threatens to perpetuate a cycle of vengeance. Pressure mounts from big cities to small towns. If they aren’t stopped, it will come to an explosive head. People are grieving.


Independent agent, Caleb Promise is unexpectedly contacted by his ex-handler, Agent Jason Jones. Considering how they parted after the last mission, he thought they would never speak again but a mysterious note appeared on Jason’s desk at  the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. Another is slipped beneath the door of MI-5 Agent, Jean Boxley’s flat in Greenford, United Kingdom. Yet another, found in the burned purse of a lead choir singer.


Finding the tie between the notes and attacks, risks the one thing he vowed he would never lose again… family. The solution is simple but terrifying. Can Caleb absolve his personal fears to break the cycle? 


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Description: 2 ebook set.

(1) Mark of the Two-Edged Sword, Ebook

(1) Captured, Ebook

Fiction: Espionage Thriller-Mystery, Easy read, Exciting